Manage Azure Subscriptions with Office 365 Users

Azure + Office 365 = Awesome!

Businesses that have adopted Office 365 are looking for more ways to utilize the public cloud to meet their Infrastructure needs. An Azure subscription can provide huge capabilities in terms of hosting Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, or public websites.

Azure is the clear choice for businesses that are using Office 365, because they can use their O365 accounts to create and manage multiple Azure subscriptions.

Create a new Azure subscription linked to an Office 365 tenant

This is very straight forward. Go to and click on Free Trial then Try it now.

When prompted to Sign in, click on the Sign in with your organizational account link.

Then just simply complete the sign-up process and the Azure subscription will be linked to an Office 365 tenant.

Manage Co-Administrators

Likely there will be multiple people that need access to the Azure services in one organization. With an Azure + Office 365 connected account, Office 365 users can be set as co-administrators on an Azure subscription.

With the Azure Portal, simply navigate to the settingsadministrators screen.

Click on the Add button

And enter an Office 365 user

After specifying which Azure subscription the user can administer, they can sign in with their existing Office 365 account name and password.


More businesses and other organizations are switching to Office 365. With an Azure subscription, an organization can further leverage the cloud to meet their business needs.


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